With wakee i tried to find a solution for a daily problem of mine - waking up to an annoying ringtone, having to find my alarm clock and also waking up my girlfriend with all of that.
Wakee is a vibrating wristband combined with an app that learns your sleeping-behaviour, wakes you up when it‘s best for you and all of that without using an annoying tone or having to find your alarm.
With easy recognizable button shapes it‘ll be easy to interact with your wakee even when you‘re really really tired. The band is made out of rubber and will stay comfortable the whole night. A motor inside the band will be responsible for the vibrations.
The Wakee-App will make it easy to control all the settings, vibration patterns and alarms. It also shows all of the collected sleeping-data on which it bases its smart-waking function. This lets Wakee wake you up when its best for you based on your sleeping-phases.
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